Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Are YOU a Digital Leader?

It's the first week of my senior year of high school; I'm taking a heavy course load consisting of multiple AP and College level courses. As I sit in Calculus, I quickly realize that the small amount of material I am retaining, won't affect me in the future. This class is driving me crazy.

It's the third week of my senior year of high school; Calculus is driving me crazy. I run down to the Guidance office and ask to switch into a class that will help me with my future goals. Eventually, I want to own an advertising firm in a big city-- why do I need Calculus? 

As soon as my Guidance counselor says that "DigCit" is an option, I immediately join the class. This was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself (not only because I got out of taking Calculus).

Throughout the semester, we focused on many different aspects on how we, as young adults, could become Digital Leaders. I think it's fair to say that, as a class, we all started out as Digital Citizens. My transition from Digital Citizen to Leader to quick and efficient. When I was informed of the criteria, I starting to notice a change in my digital life, as I was becoming more positive and educational. 

Towards the end of the semester, we compiled all of our work into a portfolio and presented it to many judges and classmates. We were told to address the criteria to prove the we, indeed, became Digital Leaders. 

Personally, I believe that my coverage of the criteria was very notable. It is amazing how much I improved as a Digital Leader throughout the semester without putting in too much effort. The internet is an amazing place and a great platform to learn and share everything, so being positive online should come naturally. Although I do believe I could have made my portfolio more complex, I like to think that it is simplistic and informative to my audience.

A challenge for me during this process was collecting evidence for each strand, since many of my examples could have been counted in many different sections. I overcame this struggle by realizing that I had more than enough examples to share, so I could easily spread out the ones I believed overlapped categories.

Success doesn't come easy. For me, I worked hard on my project to be able to showcase my experiences of the semester. I did this successfully by organized my portfolio into categories based on the strands of evidence. This helped me and my audience separate the data so I could explain why I put each one where it was.

My most successful criteria
Evidence 4: To Promote Important Causes, was my most successful strand of evidence. I enjoy using my social media as a form of communicating the wrong-and-right doings in the world. Many of my tweets and Facebook posts promote causes that I find to be important, especially women's rights. 

My weakest criteria
Evidence 2: To Empower Others with No Voice, was my weakest strand. Although I wish I could empower others more often, I found it to be quite challenging to find evidence to prove that I did so. On Twitter, I often retweet others who are in need of help or need help raising awareness. This could be considered "empowering", but I do wish that I could personally help these people. This will be my new goal: empower others with no voice as often as I possibly can.

Comments from judges and classmates about my presentation

Above are some comments left for me after I presented. Yes, I did present 4 days after getting all of my wisdom teeth removed. I believe that this helped to show my point of how important being a Digital Leader is. After enduring oral surgery, I still came in and explained to everyone why this is such a vital part of the world we live in today. My presentation probably could have been better if I didn't have chipmunk cheeks while talking, but I think that I did a good job conveying the importance.

If you are looking to become a Digital Leader like me, I encourage you to think before you post anything and to think of how your posts could potentially help other people.

Digital Citizenship is an invaluable class where I learned many life lessons I will take with me as I continue to grow up in this digital age.

My Portfolio


  1. Very well written! You showed that you have indeed made the transition from digital citizen to digital leader. You are a shining example of how when you put your mind to something and challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone you can achieve great things! Thank you for being a leader online and in class.

  2. First of all, how cool you had the choice to change subjects! Out of something which wasn't going to be of beb=nefit to something which is way more relevant.
    When classes are meaningful and you can see the relevance the learning is way more powerful. Moving from a digital citizen to a digital leader is a transition which moves online participation to the next level and I had to comment because I think MANY of our learners need to be shown/taught/encouraged to make this move. Being a digital citizen is pretty much 'normal' now for young people so being a digital leader takes connectedness to the next level. Good for you and I hope your year goes well:)
    Kerri in New Zealand