Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Learn a New Word (or Two)!

BriefTube's logo

When was the last time you were watching a video and didn't know a word that was used? BriefTube has solved this never-ending problem for you!

After constantly being confused as to what my AP English readings say and never having the energy to Google what it means, this extension is a lifesaver. Now, when watching summaries of my books (after I read them, of course), I know exactly what is going to be discussed in class. 

BriefTube in action on a YouTube video
Above, BriefTube is pictured on a "Crash Course" video about "Hamlet". Personally, I believe that Shakespeare is a pain to read, let alone listening to people talk about it. BriefTube helped me simplify what John Green was saying and helped me (possibly) pass my quiz while also embracing my laziness!

For this assignment, we were asked to rank the extension on a scale of 0-4 with 0 being the lowest and 4 being the highest.

I'd give BriefTube a 3 rating for appealing looks and sounds. I believe that BriefTube deserves this rating because the display is very basic. It is clear that the developers made this display simple so the viewer can focus on the video while expanding their vernacular at the same time. The sound on this extension is the sound of the video being played, so it would be too arbitrary to judge this in my rating. 

I feel as though BriefTube kept me thoroughly engaged while using it. Even though there was a chunk of the screen being used to define the words and phrases, it kept me focused on the video so I could hear the words I didn't know being used in context. In addition to keeping me engaged, I felt more motivated to learn as opposed to my usual ignoring the words I don't know in hopes that I will be able to figure it out at a later time. For these reasons, I am giving BriefTube a 4.

There aren't many instructions given to the user other than that the video must be in a certain format and at least 5 minutes long. Personally, I found this extension pretty self explanatory. Since I am giving this rating based on my usage of BriefTube, I am giving it a rating of 3 in this category purely for the reason that I could clearly understand how the extension should be used.

BriefTube was very fast and instantly gave me the results that I needed. As soon as I opened a video that met the criteria, BriefTube was open and giving me the definitions and context of the words. This was very useful for my needs of quickly watching the summary of "Hamlet" since there wasn't much time before I had class. Since this feature saved my life (or grade, same thing), I am giving a rating of 4 in this category.

Another feature of this extension is the word cloud. I found this feature to be very interesting since I could easily figure out what the most common words were that I should definitely know about "Hamlet". As seen in the photo below, I clearly needed to know who Claudius was. I liked this feature due to my ability to quickly find out what was the most important. In addition to the outline and word cloud features, there is the option to search through the video as well. I did not find this part as necessary for what I was doing because I was watching the video for a summary and was not looking for specific key words. Overall, BriefTube deserves a rating of 3 due to the 3 levels of customization.

Word Cloud of "Crash Course" video on "Hamlet"
By far, I'd highlight BriefTube's ability to quickly find the words in the videos that I needed to learn. It really made me feel like I was not wasting any of my time and kept me focused on the video because I didn't have to switch between multiple screens to define the words, and also had me constantly listening so I could keep learning. I feel as though my grades will improve because I am now being surrounded by unfamiliar words while learning what they mean and how to use them in context.

Unfortunately, BriefTube isn't perfect. A lowlight of this extension is that the videos have to be at least 5 minutes long for it to generate word clouds and outlines. I simply do not understand why the developers made the extension function this way since there are words in videos shorter than 5 minutes which I still need to define.
BriefTube's message for when it isn't eligible on the page
My overall rating of BriefTube is a 3.4. Due to my experiences with the extension as stated above, I will personally be recommending BriefTube to my peers and friends. This extension has many benefits that I believe will help students and anyone who is willing to learn.